Introducing Anne Hellinger – Homeopath & Holistic Practitioner

We are delighted to introduce Anne Hellinger this month. Anne is an experienced Homoeopath and Holistic Therapies Practitioner who will be based at our Weybridge clinic.  Anne is a qualified Homoeopath, Reflexologist and Hypnotherapist and brings a wealth of experience having been practicing for over 20 years. To add to her Holistic Therapies, Anne has studied Allergy Testing, Holistic Pain Management, Kinesiology, Meridian Psychotherapy, Aura & Chakra Healing and Colour Therapy, which will now all be available at Faceworks. Anne will be in residence at Weybridge on a Friday.

On welcoming Anne to the Faceworks Team, Jane Byers, Founder and Director, said:

“I am delighted to announce that Anne will be offering a plethora of her holistic treatments for our clients and will be based in Weybridge.

Interestingly, holistic care is a comprehensive model of caring which is believed to be at the heart of the science of nursing. The holistic model of care is based on the idea of holism which emphasises that the mind and the spirit affect the body.

Faceworks, being a nurse-led Aesthetics practice, puts caring at its forefront. As such, the addition of holism will fit perfectly hand-in-hand.”


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