Viscoderm Hydrobooster – The New Wonder Product by HA Derma


What is Viscoderm Hydrobooster?

Viscoderm Hydrobooster is the sister product of Profhilo, made by HA Derma. The wonderful new product, alike to Profhilo, is a stabilised hyaluronic acid. The difference lies in the particle size and as such can be used more superficially for those areas hard to treat with other products. These areas are typically the lines that appear above the brows, forehead, around the eyes and on the lower face.


How does it work?

This product can be used alongside other treatments such as wrinkle relaxation therapy or an alternative. It’s dual-action properties of hydration and collagen stimulation, stretches superficial wrinkles in the most precise and natural way resulting in improved elasticity, radiance and smoothness of the skin.


How long does this treatment take?

The Viscoderm Hydrobooster is given over two treatment sessions with the second treatment two months after the first treatment. We then review progress.


Faceworks loves Viscoderm Hydrobooster!

Amy will be offering this treatment at our Faceworks clinics in Weybridge, Chelsea and Tillow Barn, Betchworth.


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